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Lena DiPuccio & Gay Janis - Gilmour Academy Junior Earns Top Speech & Debate Award in Cleveland

A Gilmour Academy student talks about her great win at the district speech & debate tournament!

Gilmour Academy aims to not only help students develop their skills but to use those skills to improve and create a more humane and just society. Gay Janis, Gilmour's Director of Speech and Drama, a National Speech and Debate Association 5 Diamond Coach and a member of the Ohio High School Speech League Hall of Fame, joined Hollie & Joe alongside Gilmour Academy Student, Lena DiPuccio, who studies competitive speech, to talk about how students are being prepared in areas of speech and debate.

Here are the questions Hollie & Joe asked: 


What was the award you won?

You were selected for this honor out of how many students?

How long have you been competing in speech and debate (this award was especially noteworthy because she just started competing this year!)
What category of speech and debate do you compete in?


Mrs. Janis:

How long have you been involved in speech and debate coaching? How long at Gilmour?

How do kids prepare/practice for a speech competition?

What's the time commitment for a speech and debate contestant?

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