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Dr. Amanda Mendiola – Cleveland Clinic Akron General

Increasing your breast cancer awareness

It is probably one of the most feared diagnoses by women – breast cancer. But just how worried should we be? Dr. Manda Mendiola is a Breast Surgeon with Cleveland Clinic Akron General and she was here to share the latest information on risks and prevention.

Below are the questions Alexa asked:

We keep hearing that statistic – that women have a one in eight chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. But who is really at risk for developing breast cancer? What can I do to reduce my risk?

Why are mammograms important?

Who should have a mammogram and how often? How have those guidelines changed in recent years?

What is the difference between a mammogram and a 3D mammogram? And when is the 3D recommended?

What should someone do if they have a concern about their breast health?

How has breast surgery changed over recent years and what type of options do patients have now?

Will you follow Dr. Mendiola’s recommendations? Find us on social media @ ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know.



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