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Kathryn Stephens, Zach Bruell & Rick Argoso - Eat Like A Kid Again

The “Eat Like A Kid Again,” event will feed hungry children in Northeast Ohio.

Feed Hungry Children in Northeast Ohio - that is the goal of the Children's Hunger Alliance "Eat Like A Kid Again" Fundraiser. On the show today with more were the organization's Vice President of Development Kathryn Stephens along with Zach Bruell from Zach Bruell Events and Rick Argoso, the Catering Chef for Zach Bruell Events.

Below are the questions Hollie & Michael asked:

Kathryn Stephens & Zach Bruell - Eat Like A Kid Again

Tell us more about Children’s Hunger Alliance?

 Can you talk about the hunger issue in Ohio and specifically in the Cleveland area?

Talk to us more about your upcoming event, Eat Like A Kid Again at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History?

If people want to attend the event, where can they go to purchase tickets? 

If they’re unable to make the event next week, can you share with our viewers one more time where to go to make a text donation?

Zack Bruell restaurants will have a food station at this event?

Tell us about Zack Bruell Events, catering and venues?

Zack, you have been in the business for over 40 years…what has been the key to your career and success?

Will you be attending the Eat Like a Kid Again event?  Find us on social media, ‘Live on Lakeside’, and let us know.


Children's Hunger Alliance

Eat Like a Kid Again

Thursday, September 26th | 6pm-8pm

Cleveland Museum of Natural History


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