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Denise Weller – Hearts of Patriots

Hearts of Patriots helps veterans and their families.

We honor our veterans and the amazing sacrifice they – and their families - make for our country. But what can we do to help when a veteran comes home with wounds none of us can see? Denise Weller can tell us. Denise is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Hearts of Patriots.

Below are the questions Alexa & Michael asked:

  1. Before we talk about Hearts of Patriots, tell us what led to the founding of it.
  2. What was that like for Megan, as his wife, and for you to see what was happing to your daughter and her family?
  3. What is Hearts of Patriots doing to help others in a similar situation?
  4. Your background is in dance and theater? How are you using that to spread the message?
  5. You have another event coming up as well – your first Steak Fry to raise funds for Hearts of Patriots work. Tell us a little about it.

Will you attend the Steak Fry event? Find us on social media @ ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!


Blood Stripe: A Spouse’s Story

World Premiere

Wednesday, November 6 – 6:30pm

Breen Center for the Performing Arts


Hearts for Patriots Presents…

Inaugural Steak Fry Fundraiser

October 26 – 5-8pm

AMVETS Post 22 – Vermillion


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