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Mike Roberts – “Hot Type, Cold Beer and Bad News: A Cleveland Report’s Journey Through the 1960s”

Mike shares the inside scoop of some of his favorite stories in his book.

It was a turbulent time – the 1960s – and this guest was not only an eyewitness to it, he reported headline-making stories happening right here in our area and around the world. Mike Roberts shares his thoughts about this era in his book "Hot Type, Cold Beer and Bad News" – and he's giving us the "scoop" on a few of his favorites today!

Here are the question Hollie & Alexa asked Mike: 
Why write (and read) about the Sixties now?
It was a fascinating time -- especially for a reporter
Cleveland is still dealing with many tough issues that have their roots in the Sixties
It was the last golden era of newspapers — before TV and internet
You were reporting right in the midst of stories – including riots! What was that like?
You also reported on Vietnam – from Vietnam…
Local crime, politics, the Kent State shootings – did all of that make you hard/cynical?
You were part of the golden age of newspapers! What’s your take on the changes in the news business and how we get our news?

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