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Sarah Rintamaki & Kristen Pepera - Help Make It A Happy Halloween for Everyone!

Helpful tips for welcoming all types of kids

We love Halloween! And kids love it, too! But we can forget that some children may have a harder time trick or treating due to a variety of factors. Our next guests were here to make sure it’s a Happy Halloween for everyone! Sarah Rintamaki is the Executive Director for Connecting for Kids and Kristen Pepera who is the Co-Founder of Colors Plus Youth Center and a Clinical Counselor.

Below are the questions Alexa and Joe asked:
Both of your organizations focus on making kids helping kids feel safe and accepted for who they are, no matter what issues they are facing. Briefly, give us an overview of each of your organizations.
We’re going to run through some of those factors you mentioned as they relate to Halloween and what we can do to help. So first – we know food allergies are much more common which means some types of candy could be dangerous. What should we do?
Anxiety can be an issue – even in kids that don’t normally experience it! What do we need to keep in mind?
And you also say don’t push a child to say “trick or treat.”
Some houses are really decked out with lights and sounds! Should some children just avoid those homes?
And how should you respond if a child wants to be a character from the opposite gender?

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