The STRIKE OUT! ALS Gala & Auction, emceed by the wonderful Monica Robins, is happening THIS weekend! Joining us today with more on this awesome event and everything else going on at The ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter was the foundation’s Executive Director, Mary Wilson Wheelock.

Alexa and Michael asked her the following questions: 

May is a pretty busy month for The ALS Association! What’s happening?

The gala is sold out this weekend, correct? Is there a way our viewers can still participate?

Tell us about the VIPs attending the gala!

This year is the fifth anniversary of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Did all those buckets of water and ice really make a difference in the fight against ALS?

Tell us a little about how you’re marking the fifth anniversary.

What will it take to cure ALS?

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For More Information: 
The ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter