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Melisa Fluhr- DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Give your loved ones presents that come from the heart!

Valentine's Day is just a couple weeks away- have you thought about what to get your loved ones yet? From your friends and co-workers, to spouses and kids, we have you covered today with DIY's for the WHOLE family!! The Co-Founder of Project Nursery, Melisa Fluhr, joined Hollie & Alexa to tell us more.

Here are the questions Hollie & Alexa asked Melisa:

  1. Why *make* Valentines and Valentine's Day decor instead of buying?

  2. What if you’re not a super crafty or creative person? What tips would you have for someone who doesn’t normally craft but wants to try?

  3. So, one machine helped you make all of these projects, using different mediums? How does that work?

  4. How did you get the iron-on so perfect? Is it really that easy?

  5. Where can I find these designs? And if I wanted to personalize the design, could I do that as well?

  6. Where can you find the Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2?

Will you be making your Valentine’s Day gifts this year? Who will you be giving them to? Find us on social media at ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!

For More Information:

Cricut.com | ProjectNursery.com

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