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Michael P. LaMarca - Local Pizza Chef Shares His Experience at the World Pizza Championships in Italy

Master Pizza joined the 28th edition of the World Pizza Championships last week in Italy!

We were super excited to have Michael LaMarca, the Owner & CEO of Master Pizza, in our kitchen today. Michael was fresh off of his trip from Italy where he competed in the World Pizza Championships! He joined Danielle & Joe today with a few of their award-winning pizzas!

Below are the questions Danielle & Joe asked Michael: 
How was Italy? Tell us all about it and your experience!
What was it like competing against chefs all over the world? You were literally with the BEST of the BEST! What an accomplishment!
What’s new/coming up this season at Master Pizza?
What did you bring with you here today?
Where are you guys located? Which ones do you run?
What’s next for you?

What is your favorite pizza topping? Have you ever tried Master Pizza’s pizza before? Find us on social media at ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!

For More Information:  MasterPizza.com