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Michael Suhy- Honoring Allison Rose Suhy with the Allison Rose Foundation

How one family are making an effort to warn others about the potentially deadly effects of allergies.

Our next story is heartbreaking… Allison Suey was student at Ohio University who, all her life, had a peanut allergy that she vigilantly paid attention toBut while a student at Ohio University, Allison unknowingly ate a donut with some kind of peanuts in it, and she lost her life. Her dad Michael is stopped in today to tell us about a foundation that he and his family are setting up in Allison’s name to make certain that no other family will ever go through what his family has had to endure.

Here is what Hollie & Alexa had to ask Michael:

  1. Mike – tell us a little about Allison and what kind of person she was?

  2. How old was she when you found out she had a peanut allergy?

  3. Did the severity of her allergy change as she got older or was it life-threatening right from when she was a small child?

  4. How did you, and eventually, she cope with all the dietary restrictions?

  5. And briefly, what happened to Allison at school?

  6. Talk about the foundation and what you hope to accomplish with it?

  7. And tell us about your big event his weekend?

Do you know someone who has lost their life due to a deadly allergy? Will you be contributing to the Allison Rose Foundation? Tweet us @LIVEONLakeside or find us on Facebook and Instagram at ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!

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