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Miriam Conner - aParently Speaking

Interested in a podcast series that expands on parenting topics including some guests from the greater Cleveland area and beyond? Learn more about aParently Speaking

Parenting can be fun, challenging, frustrating and even, at times, hilarious! And help is always welcome! And you’ll find that help – along with humor – on a podcast series from Northeast Ohio Parent called “aParently Speaking.” The creator and host, Miriam Conner joined us today to tell us more!

Below are questions Michael and Hollie had for Miriam:

Podcasts are so popular now! But why did you want to create a podcast especially for parents?

What is the purpose/mission of the podcast?

Every generation has its issues in raising children – what have you found parents are most concerned about in this day and age?

What are the types of topics and guests you have had in the past?

What have you learned as a parent by hosting this podcast?

How do we find the podcast?

Are you going to take a listen to aParently Speaking? Find us on social media, ‘Live on Lakeside’, and let us know!

For more information:
Email: pocast@NorthEastOhioParent.com
Facebook: aParently Speaking
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