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Dan Griffin – Nye Financial Group

Getting it Right with Pensions and Social Security

When you retire, you’ll get Social Security and maybe even a pension. So how should you include them in your retirement planning? Dan Griffen was here with the answer! Dan is a Retirement Income Certified Professional with the Nye Financial Group.

Here are questions Hollie and Michael had for Dan:

This is the second in a three-part series – and last week Rick Nye was here and talked about Contractual Income and the benefits of maximizing it in your retirement income plan. Can you give us a quick recap?

Today you’re focusing on two big income decisions you say are critical to get right - pensions & social security. I always thought these were pretty straight forward decisions….you retire and start collecting that income. Is there more to it?

There is a lot of information to keep straight when it comes to retirement planning – and it sounds like you really try to help your clients make really well-informed decisions. How do you do that?

Next week we’ll have the final part of this three-part series – The Right Annuity, in the Right Amount, for the Right Reasons. But that’s not the end of your information-sharing! Tell us about the events you have coming up…

How will you put Dan’s advice to use? Find us on social media, ‘Live on Lakeside’, and let us know!

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