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Raymond Bobgan & Sheffia Randall Dooley - Pandemonium 2019: Alchemy

You don’t want to miss this year’s Pandemonium artists at Cleveland Public Theatre!

This is a party like no other! It's fun, it's cool – and it raises money for a great organization! We're talking about Pandemonium! And here to fill us in on all of the artistic events were Raymond Bobgan, Cleveland Public Theatre Executive Director – and Sheffia Randall Dooley who will be one of this year's Pandemonium artists.

Below are questions Hollie and Alexa had for Raymond and Sheffia:
Pandemonium takes place Saturday, September 7th and raises money for the Cleveland Public Theatre – and we’ll talk about how it supports CPT in a minute – but first, can you try and describe it to someone who’s never been there?
And this year’s theme is “Alchemy.” What does that mean?
Sheffia, you are a Pandemonium Artist, but you’re also an Assistant Director for Community Engagement and Education at Playhouse Square! How does it feel to be on the performance side instead of the behind-the-scenes management side?
What art are you bringing to the event this year and where can we check out your performance?
And how does the money raised by Pandemonium support Cleveland Public Theater?
For those who’ve never been, what’s Cleveland Public Theatre all about?

The 2019 PAN Award Honoree is Mark Ross, Managing Partner of PwC. Mark is a strong advocate for education, diversity & inclusion, economic development, and the arts.

Mark is actively engaged in several civic organizations in the Cleveland area, including: College Now of Greater Cleveland, Playhouse Square, Greater Cleveland Partnership, the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio, the Commission on Economic Inclusion, Hospice of the Western Reserve, and VeloSano.

CPT is pleased to honor Mark with the 2019 PAN Award, recognizing all the accomplishments he and PwC have achieved in our Greater Cleveland community.

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For more information:
Cleveland Public Theatre Presents:
PANDEMONIUM 2019: Alchemy
Saturday, September 7th

Credit: Cleveland Public Theatre