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Reggie Bowens - Meet This Week’s Everyday Champion

Meet Reggie Bowens, one of Cleveland’s top classical performers and teachers!

Today’s guest is one of our city’s top classical teachers and Jazz musicians. He majors in acapella music. He has a camp where kids from all across the city come together to learn and perform this long-lost art in the music industry. His name is Reggie Bowens.

Larry’s Motivational Moment:

“Make sure you avoid strife. Yes, strife is a very destructive force that limits your effectiveness and destroys relationships. It starts out small, through something like a comment or wrong look from someone and then it can escalate into something much bigger. You see, sometimes you simply need to overlook what others do. Instead of retaliating, respond with kindness. Show some love, be forgiving. Love gives people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe someone was short with you at the office, but they may also have a loved one in the hospital. Maybe they said some things they didn’t mean but are going through some challenges in their life. We never know what triggers others, but we can find a peaceable way to respond. Instead of getting upset, be the bigger person, be patient, and be kind to them. Give them a little grace and show them some love. Usually when you react a certain way it will call for a different response. Avoid the strife and watch how it helps you to live a better life.”

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