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Russ Mitchell, DeQuan Willoughby & Brinden Harvey – WKYC Partners with College Now for Mentor Monday

We all have someone who has helped shape us to be who we are today, sign up to be that person in someone else’s life!

Today is Mentor Monday and Hollie was so happy to be joined by friend and WKYC News Anchor, Russ Mitchell, who recently signed up to be a College Now Mentor! Hollie and Russ were also joined by College Now Volunteer Mentor, DeQuan Willoughby, and mentee, Brinden Harvey to talk about their experience and why you should consider signing up to be a mentor.

Here is what they talked about: 
Russ, let’s start with you, tell us about this campaign that WKYC is spearheading – what is the goal?

DeQuan, you were assigned to be Brinden’s mentor through College Now. Tell us about your relationship with this young man right here.

Brinden, what are the kinds of things that DeQuan helps you with?

Russ, you’ve just completed the sign-up process to become a College Now mentor, what was it like?

Russ is actually going to meet his mentee for the first time today. DeQuan, what advice do you have for Russ about being a mentor?

Brinden, what would you tell someone who is on the fence about becoming a mentor? Are they really needed? Has it made a difference for you?

Will you be signing up to be a mentor? Who is your greatest mentor? Tweet us @LIVEONLakeside or find us on Facebook/Instagram at LIVE on Lakeside and let us know!

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