Today, Larry Macon Jr. introduced us to this week's everyday champion, Sandra Mihalek. Sandra is a long-time restaurant owner in Greater Cleveland with some of the best home-made recipes in the city, but she now also is an advocate for Cancer Awareness.

MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT FROM LARRY: And I want to thank "YOU," the faithful, live on lakeside and everyday champion viewers, for tuning in. But before I go, I always like to leave you some good advice. In this New Year, I want you to celebrate the accomplishments of others. When a friend, family member, or co-worker succeeds, gets promoted, or something great happens in their life, how do you react to them? Some people respond, "What about me?" Other people criticize or tell them, It's not going to last long."

But I want you to remember that the way in which you celebrate the success of others can determine your level of success. Remember when you speak positive to others you are sowing seeds for positivity in your own future. There's a saying that says, rejoice with those who rejoice! So, don't let jealousy rob you of your promotion or your future success. Make it a point to encourage them and congratulate them no matter how big or how small. And watch what the positivity will do for your life!

Well that's my encouraging word to you for this week, and I'm glad you tuned in to see whose doing great things in our community. Remember, Visit my website at or add me on Facebook and Instagram as I post daily inspiration to help you throughout your day. I speak every week and you can find out where by going to Be sure to contact me and let me know who you think should be next weeks "everyday champion." There are good people doing great things, and I'm glad I get to share that with you every week!

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