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Annemarie Roeder & Jake Sinatra – Help Veterans Stay Warm with Socks4Soldiers

Honor present day veterans while celebrating heroes of Cleveland’s past!

Cleveland has a rich history in providing military service going all the way back to the Civil War. Now there’s a way you can “meet” a few of these heroes from the past – and honor present-day veterans.  Annemarie Roeder with Cleveland Grays Armory and Jake Sinatra from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture were in studio today to explain.

Here are the questions Hollie and Alexa asked:
Cleveland Grays Armory Museum is a Cleveland landmark.  Why did you bring them with you today?
What can people find at the Cleveland Grays Armory Museum?
Do you have events coming up?
Veteran’s Day is coming up. You do a lot to support veterans. What is your Socks 4 Soldiers program? (PICS)
Where can people find more information?

Are you excited to check out Cleveland Gray’s Armory Museum? Are you planning on donating socks to Socks4Soldiers? Find us on Social Media @ ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!