Disney’s The Lion King is getting a ton of love this year and rightfully so. Luckily, here in Cleveland you can catch The Lion King Musical right now at Playhouse square. Here to tell us more about this incredible story brought to life on the stage were actors Spencer Plachy and Gerald Ramsey.

Below are questions Alexa had for Spencer & Gerald:
We all know the Lion King but tell us how different it is when it is brought to the stage?
The costumes and sets are incredible. Tell us what goes behind the prep for a show like this.
Some of the animals in the show get as big as eighteen feet tall. Tell us about the animals and some of the other unique set pieces.
You both have some fantastic show credits. How does this show differ from other shows you’ve done?
This show is beautiful, what are your favorite parts?
How many indigenous African languages are spoken in the show?

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The Lion King
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