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Tina Manoogian & Colleen McLean – SVS Vision Wants to Help You See

Need new glasses? Look no further!

Driving, reading, watching TV, working on the computer – how are your eyes keeping up with all you need them to do? Tina Manoogian and Colleen McLean from SVS Vision were in studio to help!

Here are the questions Michael and Hollie asked:
Tell us about SVS Vision.
Why is it important to get an annual eye exam?
Tell us about the product you’ve brought with you today.
Now we know you’ve got us covered on the stylish frames—could you tell us a little bit about lenses?
Do you have any special promotions available?

Do you have a fun pair of glasses or sunglasses that you love? Show us a picture! Find us on Social Media @ ‘Live on Lakeside’.