Mighty Goliath Productions is presenting a must-see show: "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!" The production begins this Friday, and Michael & Alexa were joined by Mighty Goliath Productions Marketing Director, Therese Radca, and the actor who plays “Caractacus Potts” in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” Ian Atwood, to get a preview!  

Here are the question Michael & Alexa had for Therese & Ian:

  1. What makes Mighty Goliath Productions unique from other community theatres?

  2. What's next for MGP after Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

  3. What do you hope the audience to take away from this production?

  4. What has it been like to step into the iconic Dick Van Dyke role?

  5. Caractacus is a big role, what is your process for tackling so much content?

  6. How have you felt the impact of MGP within the community and your family?

Have you ever seen “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?” Will you go see Mighty Goliath’s production? Find us on social media at ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!

For More Information: 

Mighty Goliath Productions Presents… "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

February 15th, 16th, 22nd & 23rd | 7:30 PM

February 17th and 23rd | 2 PM

Avon Lake High School | 175 Avon Belden Road in Avon Lake