Summer’s here, and we know everyone wants to look their best when they’re having fun in the sun! Most of us think slimming down is the only answer, but believe it or not, those extra pounds you put on this winter aren’t the first thing people notice, it’s your smile. Alexa sat down with our friend lifestyle expert, Tia Label  to tell you about a revolutionary new teeth whitening system that gives you a brighter whiter smile in just five minutes! 

Here are the questions that Alexa had for Tia.
So you have an important test you’d like to share with our viewers about their smile?  
It really shows how yellow teeth can affect your looks and possibly even your love life.   
Is Power Swabs really that easy and quick to use?
You say yellow teeth can make you look old?   
I can’t go without my cup of coffee in the morning, so of course my teeth get stained.  How can Power Swabs help? 
It seems like we're always waiting for results. It makes sense to try something that will show us results from the very first use. 
My routine is already so busy and I really don't want to add something else to my schedule. Do we need to use Power Swabs every day?
There are so many other products out there.  What makes Power Swabs different? 

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