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Tim Dimoff - Safety in Public Places

See how you can best keep yourself and your loved ones safe when tragedy strikes.

With the recent shootings in Texas and Dayton, you can feel like there is no place you can go and feel safe. So how can you protect yourself if the unthinkable happens? Tim Dimoff was here with answers. Tim is the President and CEO of SACS Consulting and Investigative Services.

Below are questions Alexa had for Tim:
How worried should we be? How likely is it that this could happen to any of us?
The events this week took place at seemingly low crime areas. What do we need to be aware of when we are shopping or out for a night on the town?
Another recent shooting took place at an outdoor festival. Are there different ways to protect yourself in that type of situation?
Should we practice these ways of escape? Much like we do fire drills?
How can we best help police officers if we are in this type of situation?

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