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Tony Minor & Pastor Jimmy Gates- Larry Macon Jr.’s ‘Everyday Champion’

In this week’s ‘Everyday Champion,’ Larry Macon Jr. tells you all about the individuals behind Project Thrive.

Here is the transcript of this week’s ‘Everyday Champion’ segment:

INTRO: Welcome back to Live on Lakeside. I am Larry Macon Jr. And now it's time to reveal this week's Everyday Champion. Today I would like to introduce to you Dr. Tony Minor. He is the Manager of Faith Community Outreach for MetroHealth, and he's helping the community through a new venture called Project Thrive. Also joining us is Pastor Jimmy Gates who is also helping with this project. Welcome to the Show Dr. Minor and Pastor Gates.

Q & A

MOMENT: And I want to thank YOU, the faithful Live on Lakeside and Everyday Champion viewers, for tuning in. But before I go, here's your tip of the week. Refuse to be bitter, and make the choice to work to get better. Yes, bitterness is an extremely destructive force. It seeps into the depths of your heart and soul through things like unforgiveness, anger, jealousy, and worry. When you harbor these feelings, it closes the door to success in your life. It locks us from our potential and destroys relationships that could help us in our future. You have the power to release bitterness and it can start right now. Release it and live in freedom. You may have been through some unfair situations, but remember: it's not over till it's over. Have faith in what you can do and in what needs to be released from your mind to tap into the freedom to breathe easy and live again! Well, that's my message to you for this week, and I'm glad you tuned in to see who’s doing great things in our community. Remember, visit my website at LarryMaconJr.com or add me on Facebook and Instagram as I post daily inspiration to help you throughout your day. I speak every week and you can find out where by going to MZOV.org. Be sure to contact me and let me know who you think should be next week’s "Everyday Champion." There're good people doing great things, and I'm glad I get to share that with you every week! We are Live on Lakeside and we'll be right back.

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