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Travis Mills – Family Man, Veteran and Foundation Founder

Travis served our country and now devotes himself to helping other veterans.

See the rest of the interview in the video below!

This young man went to serve our country, doing numerous tours in Afghanistan. He ultimately came home with traumatic injuries – and a challenging and ultimately inspiring story. We were honored that United States Army Retired Staff Sergeant Travis Mills joined us for several segments today.

Here are the questions Hollie asked:
You are a veteran who had to battle not only in Afghanistan but also to recover from a devastating injury. But before we get into that, tell us about your life before that moment – and what led you to decide to serve.
You served in Afghanistan on three tours. What was your role and that of your team?
On your third tour, your world changed. Take us through what happened.
This event made you a part of a very special group – one of only a few to survive as a quadruple amputee. What was recovery like for you? How were you able to ultimately walk out of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center?
You have a saying you live by – “Never give up. Never quit.” Were there times in your recovery that you doubted you would get through it all?
Tell us a bit about the effects this traumatic injury had on you and your family – and the adjustments you needed to make.
It’s admirable – and humbling – that you have this amazing attitude. That is a miracle in itself. But you decided to use this experience to do more, to reach out. Why?
Tell us about your foundation – and how it came about.
What can a veteran – and his or her family – expect when they come to a retreat?
Talk a bit about why you include families in the retreats you have for veterans.

Travis’ lives by the quote, “Never give up. Never quit.” Do you have an inspirational quote that you live by? Find us on Social Media @ ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!