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Judith Finlayson – “You Are What Your Grandparents Ate”

We Reveal Why “You Are What Your Grandparents Ate”

Do you have high blood pressure? Heart disease? Diabetes? This guest said to – “blame your grandparents!” Judith Finlayson is the author of “You Are What Your Grandparents Ate: What You Need to Know About Nutrition, Experience, Epigenetics and the Origins of Chronic Disease”

Below are the questions Hollie and Alexa asked:
Is this really true? How can what our grandparents ate affect us?
And it’s not just their diet that can impact us, right? Our grandparents’ experiences can impact our health, too…
Is there anything we can do to manage what’s been handed to us?
So, if what our grandparents ate and experienced affects us, then what we eat and experience will affect our grandchildren! How can we provide them the best possible health?
So, changing our lifestyle can change the future!

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