For six seasons, Megan Boone has wowed fans of NBC's hit drama "The Blacklist."

She plays FBI agent, Elizabeth Keen, taking down bad guys with the help of one of the world's most notorious criminals Red Reddington, played by James Spader.

WKYC's Betsy Kling sat down with Boone recently to talk about what's in store for her character and what life is like away from the set of "The Blacklist.  "

Betsy: “This how has just been non-stop amazing! It’s one of those shows that you feel like if you miss an episode, you got to go back and figure out where you left off. So how do you prepare for the next episode? Or the next after that? Do you know what’s happening?”

Megan Boone: “For the life of the series I have been in the dark about what’s ahead. And that’s been the right thing for me because that’s sort of the case for Elizabeth Keen, my character. And so now I’m changing the strategy so that I am creating more of a connection between myself and the writers’ room and the creatives because 'Liz' is becoming more enlightened. So now I am going to see and plot what’s going to happen further down the road.”

Betsy: “What’s it like to work with James Spader?”

Megan: “I get asked that a lot because he is a very unique actor.  And that is very true. I don't think there will be another work experience where I will have the same dynamic or work experience that I do with James. He's phenomenal and has created a very memorable and kind of iconic kind of character in Reddington and so it's fun to watch that. 

Betsy: “What's your favorite thing to do on set when you are not filming at the moment?"

Megan: “I read a lot of articles and books. And it depends, if we are out on location – and sometimes we are at these beautiful locations – 'The Blacklist' goes all around the world. We are shooting in New York for the world. I kind of snoop around and check out whether it’s like a nature path or some dilapidated building.

Betsy: “Dream vacation?”

Megan: “I'd like to travel the world, stop in Tokyo and Dubai. I hadn't really mapped it out but my grandfather had wrapped out a trip around the world, and those were his first two stops and he never took it. And so, I kind of want to take it for him.”

"The Blacklist" wraps up its sixth season May 17 on Channel 3.

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