Helping our environment doesn't have to be hard - especially with new and innovative products designed with your home in mind.

Here's our top picks fro eco-friendly home supplies that will make your life a breeze and help save the Earth too!

1. The EcoEgg Laundry Egg

This miraculous egg means you never need to buy laundry detergent again. The Eco Egg contains two types of pellets: tourmaline ceramic pellets that weaken the bond between dirt and fabric and mineral pellets that lift dirt away. The egg lasts over 700 washes and it contains no harsh chemicals, perfect for people with sensitive skin & babies.

2. Green Works Cleaning Products

Green Works, from the minds behind the cleaning brand Clorox, is an eco-friendly and organic-based cleaning product suite. Their line includes Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Scent-Free Dish Soap, and Compostable Wipes. The also use biodegradable and environmentally sustainable packaging used when possible. Plus, their company gives back to all-girls STEM programs - what's not to love?

3. Bottle Cloth Table Linens

Looking cute while saving the earth is a must-do. Bottle cloth makes all of their table linens from 100-percent recycled woven fabric, sourced entirely from recycled plastic bottles. They are low-maintenance to clean & look adorable in the kitchen.

4. Environment Furniture

If you're looking to spice up your house, environment furniture is an inexpensive (but super chic) design company that makes all of their products from reclaimed, recycled, and sustainably harvested woods. From bedroom sets, to desks, chairs and more - this is the perfect way to bring some Earth inside your home.

5. ShowerStart Evolve Showerhead SS

Enjoy your luxurious shower time, but also conserve water. This Evolve Showerhead sets a timer for you, making your shower a time, money and water saver! Go green!