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Are we still experiencing a toilet paper shortage?

Mike Polk Jr. visits his local stores to check on some necessary supplies

As news of the coronavirus pandemic broke in recent weeks, many Americans headed straight to the stores to stock up on food, and of course...toilet paper.

It's a commodity we often take for granted -- but when threatened with shortages, it turns out, to be one that flies very quickly off of store shelves. And unfortunately, some people bought more than their fair share. 

Demand has been so high that a new website called HowMuchToiletPaper.com was created to help estimate how long your current supply will last you.


Toilet paper companies have assured the public that more rolls are on the way. So now that the panic-buying and hoarding has seemed to slow a bit... is toilet paper back on store shelves? 

We sent Mike Polk to check it out...and share some alternatives just in case things get dire.

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