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Cleveland School of the Arts celebrates 40th anniversary

CSA graduate and 3News Contributor Chris Webb salutes his favorite teacher, who isn't letting brain cancer stand in the way of reaching his students.

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland School of the Arts (CSA) recently marked its 40th anniversary. While that success shines brightly through its students, there's one teacher that everyone agrees has had a lasting impact on them. 

3News Contributor Chris Webb introduces us to his former teacher, Dr. Scott Miller, whose passion and creativity lives on through his students.

"One thing that happens a lot when we produce plays is parents, family, friends, everybody comes and goes, 'oh my gosh, look what my child can do.' That's always a deep pleasure for me to see the pride," Dr. Miller says.

Dr. Miller has had a 23-year career, even teaching through a brain cancer diagnosis in 2018. He embodies CSA's spirit of perseverance, support, and creativity. 

Generations of current and former students agree.

After the unfortunate recent return of his brain cancer diagnosis, the whole school came together in March to honor the legacy that he's created.

"Every major moment in my life he has been a part of, from the time that I was 11 years old to now that I'm 30-plus," explains CSA alum Latecia Wilson.

Those sentiments were reflected in a spoken-word piece that Webb performed in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Cleveland School of the Arts. A portion of Webb's piece is below:

"Your impact looms large and wide. You built world changes in your classrooms. Your efforts will last forever through each life. Lucky to have you off a heart and soul you gave out to these precious boys and girls. Because we're Dr. Miller trained, we know we're ready for the world."

"There's small victories every day," Dr. Miller says. "When I see my students excel and do something that they maybe didn't know they could do, that makes me happy to come to work every day."

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