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Cleveland's Stefan Johnson gets national attention for his voice

The voiceover artist has more than 6 million followers on TikTok and has even landed roles in some prominent films.

CLEVELAND — Stefan Johnson is a voiceover artist, actor, and social media personality with more than 6 million followers on TikTok alone.

"My voice dropped when I was about 12 years old," the deep-voiced Johnson told us, "so I've been sounding pretty much like this since about 12 or 13."

But his road to notoriety started right here in Cleveland.

"I started in high school doing the morning announcements," he said. "[I] graduated from the Ohio Center for Broadcasting; found out I didn't wand to do radio, but discovered voiceover and broadcasting school. [I] took a few years to take it seriously, and have been doing it full-time for about three years now."

Something Johnson's fans love about him is how he infuses humor in his voiceovers.

"I'm a jokey guy," he explained. "I like to make wisecracks and stuff like that. I have pretty controversial opinions about things that aren't really controversial, like food.


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"I use comedy to basically build my visibility [and] just to lead to more opportunities. If I can make people laugh ... that's more eyes where I can pop back in and say, 'Hey, on top of being an online comedian, I also do voiceovers."

And when Stefan pops back in, it's always with amazing news to share, such as a speaking role opposite Tom Holland in "Cherry."

"The Russos decided that this scene is unrealistic, because Tom Holland is kid of roughing up his leading lady," Johnson said. "They heard my voice and said, 'Oh yeah, you're definitely about to be our guy.'"

He even has a gig with Will Smith's company.

"The whole post is going to be me, just on Will Smith's page," he told us. "Mind-blowing, you know what I mean?"

Currently, Johnson co-hosts "Black Belt Theater," flying out every month to Las Vegas to break down martial arts movies. As of advice he gives to younger people, he tells them to follow their dreams as soon as possible.

"Do what you want to do now," he said. "Pursue it now with your full heart and full chest, because you'll be looking back when your 30 and regret not pursuing what you want to pursue."