If I told you that you could make money for doing close to nothing, would you take the offer? I don't know many people that wouldn't.

I love sites like Ebates which basically give you cash back for shopping where you’d ordinarily shop. But if you're more of a window shopper if you will, there are several websites and programs that give you money simply for using a search engine or giving your opinion.

First Swagbucks. You earn Swagbucks...which are essentially gift cards, for things like searching the web, installing a toolbar or plug-in for browser, or watching videos, playing games, even completing surveys.

There's Microsoft Rewards, where you also earn credits you can redeem for using the search engine Bing or trying new features from Bing or other Microsoft products and services.

You might also like Qmee, which helps shoppers search for products, compare prices, get discounts and offer their opinions while earning cash. Qmee also won't limit you to a single search engine for those who may prefer Bing or Yahoo over Google.

Now with all those savings, I'd love for everyone to put more money in the bank, but if you want to go shopping and are in the market for eyeglasses, I've got some great deals.

Online retailers have been popping up offering glasses up to a sixth of the price of traditional stores.

At Eye Buy Direct.com and Glasses Shop.com you can get complete prescriptions for as low as $20.

Then there's WarbyParker.com, where glasses start at $95, but you can test out 5 frames for 5 days before buying.

The only issue with online stores, is they’re more work.

You need to know your prescription, including your Pupillary Distance or P.D., which is the distance, measured in millimeters, between the centers of the pupils of the eyes Certain frames don't work with certain P.D.s which is what happened to me when I tried to get a pair online. If your eye doctor wants to charge extra for that measurement, I have a site where you can figure it out for free.

Since you’re filling out all this info yourself though, there's room for error. And some places don't allow for returns.

If you want an in-store experience. Consumer Reports ranked Costco as the number one place. And I can attest to that because I bought my last 4 frames there.

They’re more expensive than the online stores, averaging about $186 for a full prescription. Although they do everything for you, and they have an on-site optometrist which makes it very convenient.

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Now, if you want to save on medications, I have some pretty creative ideas.

-Use a discounted gift card to buy your meds, you can get them on sites like Cardpool.com or Raise.com where people sell ones they don't want like to CVS or Walgreens.

-Compare strength prices. Sometimes, the prices are the same no matter what strength you get. So, let's say you only need 10 milligrams of a drug. Get your doctor to prescribe a 20 milligram pill and cut it in half. There’s a fifty percent savings right there.

-Shop around. you may remember last year I did a story comparing prices in different pharmacies and different neighborhoods. The prices varied widely.

-Membership Programs. There are also some grocery chains that have membership programs offering certain drugs for free or for as little as $4.

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