Danielle Serino can do it all! She filled in for Jimmy at the anchor desk for Friday's edition of Donovan Live! Yet, she still brought you another fact-filled edition of One for the Money.

Pay Cut

If you’re one of the millions of workers who puts in extra hours on the job, don't expect a bump in overtime anytime soon. A federal judge overturned an Obama era rule that would have given employees time and a half for each hour they worked above 40 hours. Time and a half used to only apply to some workers making less than 24 thousand dollars. The pay bump would have expanded that to those making less than 48 thousand dollars. But 21 states, including Ohio, challenged the expansion. So, 4.2 million people won't be getting that extra cash.

Gas Guzzlers

And they could use it. If you've been to the gas station lately, you know prices are up. 12 cents overnight in Ohio. It's being blamed on Harvey and a main pipeline being shut down. Some of you are asking if it's price gouging. Well there's no shortage. But there is the perfect storm if you will. Gas futures shot up more than 10% because there's a slight delay in moving gas around the country. That means gas stations are being charged more. And then...when's the last time you didn't see a price increase over a holiday weekend? So, I don't know if I would call it gouging. Yes, prices are higher...but experts expect they'll drop by mid to late September.

Getting Soaked

Now, all that flooding from Hurricane Harvey is also expected to damage up to half a million cars according the company that owns Kelly Blue Book. And many of them will make their way here to Ohio for sale. So before buying a used car, bring it to your own mechanic first to check it out. Next get a vehicle history report like a Carfax and make sure the VIN on the dashboard matches the one on the door jamb. And "you" can look for things like upholstery that doesn't match the carpeting, rust on door hinges, trunk latches, and under the gas and brake pedals.

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LINK: Protecting yourself from Flood-damaged cars.