Here is your look at Tuesday's top consumer headlines in Danielle Serino's 'One For The Money.'

Doctor Shopping

How many times, have you opened that medical bill and gasped at what you owe? Well it's time to take control of that.

At you can research the cost of a particular procedure, at your doctor of choice, based on the insurance you have. The site collects data from other people who've had the service with your insurance.

It says it has pricing for half a million docs, nearly 80 procedures and 129 insurance companies. You can get quotes on everything from ACL surgery, to EKGs even vasectomies. And sometimes the pricing differences are several thousand dollars.

That website again:

Outsmarting the Smartest

Now, just because you're saving money, doesn't mean you want to be reckless with it. You still need to be careful of scammers.

One of the most popular scams, fake tickets to hot events. It often involves great deals from strangers online who ask you to wire money. Stick with the big companies when buying tickets.

Another biggie, Vacation scams. It's usually an email or postcard saying you've won an all-expenses paid trip. They'll ask for your credit card and give you either a really crummy vacation or nothing at all.

And the biggest dupe of all...job scams...which are often work at home offers. Sometimes you'll get e-mailed about a job that requires upfront costs for training and materials, or they'll mail you a check, say it was an accident and ask you to wire funds back. Don't buy or send anything without researching the company first.

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Online Operators

But here's is a work at home offer that is not a scam. Amazon is hiring virtual customer service reps to troubleshoot shopper’s issues. It's part time, you need a flexible schedule and pay starts at twelve dollars an hour.

To find out more about Amazon's 'Virtual Location' program, click here.

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