By now you may have heard that 143 million consumer records were stolen from Equifax. You know...the company you turn to, to keep you safe?! Well, now the hackers have access to your life.

The company offered free monitoring for people affected, but if you take it, you give up your rights to sue or join a class action lawsuit.

So first see if you've been affected by logging on to If you're affected, put a freeze on your account with the three credit reporting bureaus. That means no one can open credit in your name.

And then closely monitor every bill you get forever. I'm talking your credit cards, bank accounts and utilities. Immediately order your free credit report from the government at, and sign up for 24/7 credit monitoring through one of the other credit companies like Transunion or Experian.

There are also several free services:

Now, while you’re searching for all that info online, does it ever seem like your wi-fi is dragging? No surprise since every smart device in your home competes for the same signal; your cell phones, tablets, smart TV's, computers. You get the picture. Well, here are some tips to speed up service:

  • The easiest fix is to buy a router with the latest technology. It's worth it.
  • But if you don't want to splurge. Move your router away from interferences like your microwave or cordless phones.
  • Invest in a mesh network, which extends your wi-fi evenly throughout the house.

Or if you don't mind moving to a different room, there's also free programs that will show you where the signal is the strongest for faster speeds.