From finding the best holiday deals, to tips on proper holiday tipping, our Danielle Serino brings you 'One For The Money.'

December Door Busters

Have you done your holiday shopping yet? If you haven’t, it’s not a bad thing because you can bag some serious bargains…especially on electronics.


You can find great deals on headphones but make sure find a retailer with a good exchange or return policy, because fit and comfort are really an individual thing. Depending on whether you want wireless, or over the ear Consumer Reports says you can find some really good ones starting as low as $30.

-Fitness trackers and Smart Watches

Depending on whether you want one just to start a fitness routine or you’re a more serious athlete, there are some highly rates ones starting at eighty dollars.

Smartwatches are going to run you more because many have the same features as fitness trackers, plus you can get phones calls, texts, and social network updates. Consumer Reports again rates some really good watches which start at $250. But make sure the Smartwatch is compatible with your cell phone. And take note of the battery life. It can range from a day to a week.


Performance has improved a lot in recent years, especially among lower-priced products. You can get a great 7- to 8-inch tablet starting at less than $200. Even normally high-priced Apple is offering a less expensive model, the iPad Mini, for $250. But very good 10-inch tablets are out there for about $350.

And if you have young kids, make sure the product can withstand the knocks and drops that are likely to come with it.

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Wasted Warranties and Registration

If you plan on buying electronics, appliances or other high-ticket items, they will likely come with product registration cards. That’s where the manufacturer asks for you name, address, the serial number of the item and a bunch of other information.

Do you really need to fill them out? Not really.

Manufacturers used to say that not filling them out voided the warranty. But there are federal laws that say all you need is the receipt for proof of purchase.

Really what the registration cards are being used for is to gather information about you.

The only reason you might want to fill one out is so that the manufacturer can contact you if there is a recall.

The other thing you probably don't need extended warranties the stores try to sell. They often come with a lot of fine print that excludes coverage.

Sometimes your Homeowner’s insurance will cover the same stuff. There are a number of credit cards that offer protection as well.

And frankly the warranty will likely run out before the product breaks.

Tips on Tipping for the Holidays

This is pretty simple. How much you tip depends on how many people you can afford to thank.

Start with people who help you care for yourself, your family and your home. That might be your haircutter, house cleaner, a regular babysitter or dog walker.

As a general rule, tip a service provider approximately the cost of one session. For the person who may work regularly at your home it's about a week's pay.

If you like getting mail, you probably want to tip your mail person. Just know the Postal Service says not to give cash or anything that costs more than $20.

For professionals in your life, like your child's teacher or staff at grandma's retirement home, non-monetary gifts are best.