Zion Clark has been one of our favorite guests on Donovan Live. 

He was born without legs due to a rare spinal condition, but has never let that, or a difficult childhood stop him.

Zion is an outstanding wrestler at Kent State University's Tuscarawas campus and has eyes on both the Olympics and Paralympics. He was also the subject of a documentary on Netflix called Zion.

This week, Zion and his adoptive mother Kimberlli were guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. After sharing his remarkable story of perseverance to a nationwide audience, Zion remarked that one of his dreams is to give back to Kimberlli for all she has done for him with a house and a car. 

Ellen made part of that dream come true right away, surprising the pair with a a brand new 2019 Chevy Traverse.

You can watch Ellen every weekday at 4 on Channel 3.