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Students learn to 'Stick Together' against bullies

Denise Dufala, National Ambassador for 'Stick Together,' talked about the anti-bullying program with Danielle Serino on Donovan Live.

When it comes to fighting bullying, who would have thought that Duct Tape would be useful?

But it is.

Hall of Fame local broadcaster and author Denise Dufala is the National Ambassador for Stick Together™, a FREE, character education program offered to schools and youth organizations by Project Love and Duck Tape® in an effort to provide a fun and different way for students to explore the important social-emotional learning concepts of kindness and sticking together to combat bullying and negative behaviors.

Stick Together is presented to kids in grades 2-6, with the option for high school-age kids to present this program to the younger kids in their school or program.

This year, 50,000 students have signed up for Stick Together in 15 different states.

Mentor Public Schools is just one of the districts that have embraced the Stick Together program. "It is a powerful message for our younger students to hear about the importance of kindness and acceptance of others from high school students, rather than just hearing it from adults," says Kristen Kirby, Director of Community Relations for Mentor Public Schools.

You can watch Mentor's Stick Together presentation below:

On Friday's Donovan Live, Dufala joined Danielle Serino to talk about what made her partner with Stick Together and the impact the program is having on children.

Watch the interview in the player above.

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