CLEVELAND — You never get this lucky. 

As Jim Donovan and I were starting to wrap up Tuesday's Donovan Live Postgame Show, word came in that the Cleveland Browns had traded for Pro Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

I've been in the sports broadcasting business for 21 years and I can tell you, you seldom ever get a breaking news bombshell served up on a platter like this one was. 

Jimmy and I spent the first 18 minutes of the show talking about why moves like signing DT Sheldon Richardson and trading for DE Olivier Vernon might be paving the way for a major acquisition by the Browns for someone like Beckham. Because getting those two players on the roster eliminated two major needs for the team in the draft. 

Now suddenly, parting with a first-round pick for a major talent doesn't sting quite as much. Or at all. 

Then at the 20 minute mark of the happened:

So what did Jimmy think of the move to get Odell Beckham Jr.? "When you have the quarterback, you're able to do so much more. This team has been handcuffed for years trying to find a quarterback. Once you have it, you can dive into so many other things."

Once the shock wore off, the 'Voice of the Browns' put this lighting transformation of the Cleveland Browns offense into perspective. "This is an amazing offense now," Jimmy told me. Just think about the potential of the talent the Browns will be able to put out on the field, and that's leaving Kareem Hunt out of the mix."

Keep in mind that Beckham is only 26 years old. He still has some great years left in him. He's joining his ex-LSU teammate Jarvis Landry and ex-LSU position coach Adam Henry here in Cleveland. 

"His catches are unbelievable," Jimmy said of Beckham. "He gives you a downfield threat that is second to none. He's a human highlight film."

Watch the full Donovan Live Postgame Show in the player below


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