Whenever you can work a 'Searching for Bobby Fischer' movie reference into a 'Donovan Live Postgame Show,' you know you've had a busy night.

On Monday, Jimmy and I got ready for the Cavs-Warriors game. With the Wine and Gold having come in losers of three in a row and 7 of 9, I wasn't feeling very optimistic. Suddenly, Jimmy busted out a reference from this scene in the chess/coming-of-age movie 'Searching for Bobby Fischer.'

Jimmy's point was that the Cavs needed to embrace the line from Ben Kingsley's chess guru, "Don't move until you see it."

Sadly, the Cavs lost so that piece of advice was not followed.

We also looked back on Monday on the remarkable life and career of Keith Jackson, who passed away over the weekend at the age of 89. There's no way you can underscore just how important Jackson was to the growth of college football during his time as ABC's lead play-by-play announcer. But as Jimmy pointed out, Jackson was also skilled at calling baseball and Olympic sports as well. A true broadcasting icon.

In closing, we also took a moment to reflect on Martin Luther King Day. LeBron James mentioned on Monday that he hopes that Dr. King would be proud of the things he's accomplished to help raise awareness to equality.

I have to believe that would be the case.

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