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Watch again: 3News hosts 'Turning Point II,' a special discussing racism in America

3News' Russ Mitchell and Tiffany Tarpley will join Jim Donovan as we continue take a look at racism here in Northeast Ohio.
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CLEVELAND — Our nation is at a turning point where many are beginning to take a hard look at racism in America.

The death of George Floyd, a black man killed at the hand of a Minnesota Police officer on May 25, reignited a flame in the fight against not just police brutality, but all forms of racial injustice.

Since that day in May, countless protests and demonstrations have taken place, but many are now asking, "What's next, how do we move forward?"

At 3News we stand against racism and discrimination. Together, we stand for what is right. With that in mind, we hope to continue the conversation towards change with an ongoing series, "Turning Point."

The second installment of the series aired Wednesday, June 24 at 7 p.m. Watch the program again in the player below. 

3News' Russ Mitchell and Tiffany Tarpley will join Jim Donovan as we continue to take a look at racism here in Northeast Ohio. We're moving the dialogue forward with conversations with public figures and community leaders, focused on how we can make this a better place for us all. 

Art sparks conversations about change

Over the weekend, the city of Cleveland joined many cities across the U.S with the creation of a "Black Lives Matter" mural. The mural, located at East 93rd Street and Bessemer Avenue, was made possible through a partnership with the city, Cleveland City Council, R.A.K.E., and Graffiti HeArt. 

Ricky Smith, comedian and Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere founder alongside Stamy Paul, Graffiti HeArt Founder, explains to 3News' Russ Mitchell how the idea and location for the mural came together so quickly. They also discuss the impact and lasting legacy the mural will have on the community. 

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Life as a Black police officer

The journey to becoming a police officer isn't easy for anyone, add being Black, and the potential barriers can be even greater. 3News' Tiffany Tarpley goes one-on-one with Sergeant Vincent Montague, President of the Black Shield Association, and a decorated law enforcement officer. As a Black man, Montague says it hasn't always been easy, but he knows his calling is greater than himself. 

"I didn't know what God wanted me to do in life, but I knew I wanted to do something to help others so they don't have to experience it," explains Montague. That it is racism and for many, it's a hard pill to swallow. 

Kids bring hope

They say the best way to learn is through experience. But what if you're a child during these times. Should you be privy to all that is going on in the world? One local mother says yes. 3News' Jasmine Monroe introduces us to a local mother that planned a toddler "Black Lives Matter" march to help explain the social uprising to her children. 

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From protests to progress

Since that day in May, when George Floyd died, countless protests and demonstrations have taken place, but many are now asking, "What's next, how do we move forward?" 

With the help of various community partners, 3News is hoping to answer those questions. 3News' Jason Frazer enlisted the help of four community leaders in Akron and Cleveland to have a panel discussion to begin the conversation.  

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A moment in history

As many would agree, 2020 came out swinging. We've faced a global pandemic and yet another chapter in our nation's complicated history. 

But this is a turning point, a true moment in history. 

3News' Leon Bibb reflects on the past, including the movements, leaders, and struggles that came before us and how our current times will be a new page in our nation's history book. 

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You can watch the entire "Front Row: Turning Point II" special again in the player above. Additionally, use the hashtag #3TurningPoint to join in on the discussion.

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