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Andre “Deloris”, John & Tonishia Griffin

Check out this blended family’s amazing story!

Giving back can be done in countless ways and our next guests surely prove that. Andre “Deloris” Griffin is nominated for TSOP’s Hidden Philanthropist award and she was joined by her husband, John Griffin, and her adopted daughter Tonishia Griffin.

Here are some questions Tiffany had for Deloris, John and Tonishia:
Deloris, we’ve heard a lot of amazing things about you. You and your husband provide care for foster children and you’ve have now adopted two girls, including one who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.
What has been your biggest challenge when it comes to caring for so many children at once?
John, we hear that every weekend Deloris and you assist other foster parents by providing respite care for their children. and that it’s not unusual for there to be 10 children or more at your Cleveland home. Tell us about what those weekends are like! And what drives you to do what you do?
And Tonishia, you’re their adopted daughter and you’re a sophomore at Notre Dame College. Please share your story.
Deloris, how would you encourage others to become foster parents?

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