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Arian May & Candyce Traci – OhioGuidestone Gets the gift of Magic of Lights

OhioGuidestone offers families opportunities to grow together.

The goal of this next organization is a big one – to help every person and family they work with to reach happiness. Arian May is the Advancement Officer for OhioGuidestone and she was here to tell us how they make that goal a reality. And In the spirit of the season, we had a surprise for Arian and those she works with!

Here are the questions Leon & Tiffany asked:

Tell us a little about OhioGuidestone, who you are, the type of programs and services you offer, and how long the organization has been around.

What’s unique about OhioGuidestone? What really sets it apart?

We at 3 were excited to participate in gift gathering – and giving – this holiday season for OhioGuidestone and Fostering Hope. I know we all enjoyed it – what was the feedback from the kids?

Are your services specific to just Northeast Ohio or does OhioGuidestone’s reach extend beyond that?

One of the things OhioGuidestone focuses on is providing flexible, impactful and responsive care for individuals dealing with substance use disorders, right? Talk to us about what you’ve recently done to expand your efforts in this area and why it was so important to do so.

OhioGuidestone also offers education, training and employment services to ensure the people you serve are set up to achieve long-term wellness and stability through your Workforce 360° program, correct? Tell us about that.

How can the community get involved, either with your upcoming Evolution Gala or other events?

And you are being so generous in providing these tickets for Ohio Guidestone – but this even also benefits other worthwhile organizations. Tell us about those.


Magic of Lights
Now - January 4th

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