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Brandon Chrostowski & Paul Owens - Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute

The sweetest thing you can do is help a person reach success!

What is sweeter than helping someone find support and long-term success? Well, that’s exactly the mission behind EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute. Joining us in the kitchen were Founder, Brandon Chrostowski and Paul Owens.

The questions Leon & Tiffany asked were:
Your Latest Venture Is Edwins Bakery & Training Center On Buckeye In Cleveland. What Can Our Viewers Expect When They Walk In?
Tell Us Why A Bakery And Diner Were Important Additions. Why Now?What Can We Expect To See On The Menu? What Are Your Signature And Seasonal Offerings?
What Does The Bakery Opening Offer To Your Students? What Does This Offer The Community?
Now, Today Is Valentine’s Day…What Type Of Sweets Do We Have Here
You Have A Leadership Institute & Restaurant, A Butcher Shop And Now A Bakery And Diner … What Is Next For Edwins?

Will visit Edwins Bakery? Find us on social media @ ‘We The People WKYC’ and let us know!

Edwins Bakery & Training Center
13106 Buckeye Road, Cleveland
Phone: 216-675-0896
Website: EdwinsBakery.org
Social Media: @Edwinscle