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Captain Keith Sulzer & Kim Fields - Remembering Officer Derek Owens Park

A park is established in Officer Derek Owens’ name.

Cleveland Police Officer Derek Owens died in the line of duty back in 2008 and now a park is established in his name. Captain Keith Sulzer and Kim Fields were in studio with more.

Leon asked the following questions below:
Police officers and police departments are not in the park business or placemaking. Why this, why now?
How much money did the park raise? What goods and services were donated? What else is needed.
What impact do you hope creating this public green space will have on the neighborhood?
How did the Owens' family feel about the project at first?
How was the idea received by residents?
I see that along with the play structure, the park has other features. Tell us about them.
How is Derek's personality/character reflected in the park's design?
Can anyone use the park? What are the hours?
Does CPD/CPF plan to host events or programs at the park?
What is the plan for maintenance?
What is the neighborhood's perspective on the park?

Visit our social media, ‘We The People’ and let us know if you are going to visit Officer Derek Owens’ Park.

For More Information:
Cleveland Police Foundation
2301 Payne Avenue, Suite 201, Cleveland
Phone: 216-623-3334