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Dru Thompson - Dru Christine Fabrics & Design

Using art to make a difference.

Showcasing the art of sewing to youth in our community as a way to promote entrepreneurship and spark creativity. That is exactly what Dru Christine Fabrics & Design did when it collaborated with some local nonprofit agencies earlier this year. On the show with more was Fashion Designer and owner of Dru Christine Fabrics & Design, Dru Thompson.

The questions Tiffany asked were:
1.Can you tell us more about what SewCLE is and why you started the initiative?
2.Now we see a lot of people in Cleveland going into healthcare, tech, and manufacturing. Why is creative/fashion entrepreneurship important and what impact do you think it will have on the city?
3.What are the biggest challenges you've faced throughout your fashion entrepreneurship journey and that you think other creative entrepreneurs are facing today?
4. When someone walks into one of your stores, what do they see and experience that they might not in other boutiques or studios in Cleveland?
5. What has been the response from students and the community to your sewing courses and your business?  
6. What are the biggest pieces of advice you would give to those who are interested in pursuing a career in creative/fashion entrepreneurship?

For More Information:
Dru Christine Fabrics & Design
1615 East 25 Street, Cleveland
Phone: 440-941-0052

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