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Eileen Mccaffrey & Beth Sekerak – Foster Care to Success

Help those aging out of foster care reach success!

Our volunteer opportunity of the week is in studio today and it is brought to us by business volunteers unlimited. Children in foster care age out of the system at 18 - but there's an organization that makes sure those heading to college have the support they need. It's called Foster Care to Success - and with us today were the Executive Director Eileen McCaffrey and College Coordinator Beth Sekarek.

The questions Leon asked were:
When did FC2S start sending Valentine’s Day Care Packages to foster youth in college?
What’s in a Care Package?
You said the many hand knit or crocheted scarves scarves are sent from people in every state and even other countries, can you tell us about the people who send them?
Can you estimate how many scarves you’ve received since the program stated?
What do you want people to know about college age foster youth?
What other projects do you have going on to help these young people? How can people get involved with Foster Care to Success?
Talk about your book initiative?
How can people help with this initiative?

Will you donate to Foster Care to Success? Find us on social media @ ‘We The People WKYC’ and let us know!

Foster Care to Success
23811 Chagrin Blvd, Suite 210
Cleveland, Ohio 44122
www.fc2success.org; www.fc2sprograms.org