Get With The Program Inc is hosting a FREE Science, Technology, Engineering and MATH Brain Camp Over Spring break. The organization's Founder and CEO Jason Williams spoke to Tiffany about everything people can expect.

Below are the questions Tiffany asked Jason:

Describe the problem your organizations addresses?
How is your organization innovative compared to other organizations addressing this problem?
With all of the division in the city of Lorain, around Lorain City Schools and HB70, why is this program important?
Why and when did you come up with the idea for your organization?
Why are you so passionate about the problem and population you serve?
What type of impact have you had in Northeast OH?
Do you have any other upcoming programs?
How can viewers get in contact with you?

Will your child attend the STEM Brain Camp ? Find us on social media at ‘We the People’ and let us know!

 For More Information:
720 Washington Ave., Lorain
Call 440-299-STEM
Email: info@GWTP.US