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Kitrael Chin, Abigail Segal & Erin Segal – Hearts for Music

Music for Hearts is a opportunity for people with special needs to be able to enjoy creating music.

Whether you are listening to music or performing, there is something about it that is healing to the soul no matter who you are. And today we are joined by an organization that provides opportunities for people with special needs to pursue their love for music in a professional ensemble setting. Director and founder of Hearts for Music Kitrell Chin along with Abigail Segal and her sister Erin sat down with Tiffany to share more.

Here are the questions Tiffany Asked:
What is Hearts For Music?
How did Hearts For Music come to be?
What are the mission/goals for Hearts For Music?
Who can be part of Hearts For Music orchestra?
Where does Hearts For Music perform?

Hearts For Music
888-MUSIC -18

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