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Mai Moore & Chantal Brown – Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice

Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice is an organization that encourages youth to use their voices on social issues

Our next grantee is EYEJ, which stands for Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice, and our guests are Founder and Executive Director Mai Moore and Chantal Brown, Impact 25 Youth Council Advisor.

Below are the questions Tiffany asked Mai & Chantal:

1. Mai, tell us about EYEJ and what this organization is accomplishing.

2. Mai, what are your thoughts on the best way to help our youth?

3. Chantal, you’re a student at Shaw High School in East Cleveland. Do you feel like Cleveland understands you and what you deal with every day

4. Chantal, what is the best thing about your day/the most stressful thing?

5. To both: What is an urgent need for youth? Is there more then 1 urgent need?

6. What are some issues that you’d like to communicate to the public that you feel like the public is not hearing correctly or at all?

7. What does social justice mean to you?

8. When the community is helping with things like food, clothing and/or homelessness, do you think that is really helping the community and youth or is it more complex then this?

EYEJ: Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice
3535 Perkins Ave., Cleveland