Helping seniors and adults with disabilities with their house chores - thats exactly what you can expect from Cleveland Department of Aging's Chore Services Program . Mary Mcnamara was on the show with more.

Below are the questions Tiffany asked:
Tell us about the City of Cleveland's Chore Program
Why is a program like this so important?
When is the timeline to sign up for these Chore Services?
Are their eligibility guidelines for signing up?
For our viewers not in the City of Cleveland, who should we direct them to call to find out if there is a program in their neighborhood?
For those viewers who might be interested in volunteering to help an older neighbor with these outdoor chores, do you have volunteer opportunities?
This program fits into the City's Age Friendly Cleveland Plan. What is the Age Friendly Plan? And why is something like this needed for our community?

Will you help with the Chores’ Program? Find us on social media at ‘We the People’ and let us know!

Cleveland Department of Aging
75 Erieview Plaza, Cleveland
Phone: 216-664-3998